Driving Without A Valid License

California Vehicle Code 12500(a) – Driving Without a Valid License
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California Vehicle Code Section 12500(a) prohibitions a person from driving without a valid license in California.  While a less serious charge than driving on a suspended license (Vehicle Code Section 14601), this charge is a misdemeanor.  An experienced attorney can appear for you in court and help get this charge reduced to an infraction or dismissed all together.  Contact us at 916-546-8052 to discuss your case today.

Under the California Vehicle Code and officer may charge you with driving without a valid license if you are caught driving where;

  1. You never obtained a valid California license,
  2. You failed to renew your license after it expired,
  3. You became a California resident and did not get your California license within ten days of establishing your residency,
  4. You are otherwise ineligible to obtain a California license (generally because of immigration status).


The penalties for driving without a valid license as a misdemeanor are;

  1. Up to three years of informal probation,
  2. Up to six months in jail,
  3. A fine of up to $1000, plus penalties and assessments,
  4. A possible 30 day impound of your vehicle.

As an infraction the possible penalty is;

  1. A fine of up to $250, plus penalties and assessments.

Just looking at the two differences in penalties, it is easy to see why an attorney should be involved to try and get the penalty reduced from a misdemeanor to infraction and the very minimum.  In some cases if you get your valid license after being cited we can convince the court to dismiss the charge in its entirety.

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