Lisa K. – “I am so thankful to Byron. My first year in college, I was cited for a Minor in Possession (of alcohol) as a misdemeanor.  This was a mistake I made in college and didn’t want it to affect my future.  I contacted Byron about cleaning up my record and he was able to expunge my record for me at a very reasonable cost.  He was very helpful in explaining the process and very personable.  He was available to answer questions that came up at no additional cost.”

Lance M. – “I was charged with a theft and the charges were highly inflated.  Byron went to work in my behalf.  He was hard working and very persuasive on my behalf.  The charge was reduced to a more appropriate misdemeanor.  I am very pleased with the attention my case received by Mr. Roope.  He had a good understanding of the law and aggressively worked to give me the best outcome I could have hoped for.  His price was reasonable and commensurate with the work he did.”

Tristan R. – “I was referred to Byron by a friend. After my ticket I was worried, I thought,” I don’t have money to pay for a ticket and I definitely don’t have the money to afford a lawyer.” It turns out I did. Byron is a reasonably priced, knowledgeable, friendly attorney. He did everything in his power to explain how he could help. On top of being a great advocate for me, he is just a great guy.”

Sally B. – “I was being charged with my second DUI and was facing jail time and worse! Byron was able to get me the best deal possible for my case. With everything I was facing the situation was less stressful because I knew Byron was on top of everything and I had complete confidence in his work. He saw how apprehensive I was about my situation and went the extra mile to make me feel at ease. Byron made me feel like a client, not just another case on his desk, like some of the other attorneys around town.  I hope I won’t have to use him again, but I would if I needed to and I recommend him to anyone I know who has gotten a DUI.”

Jenna C. – “Byron is great! I got into a car accident about a year ago and received a traffic ticket because of it. Byron was extremely helpful in explaining the situation and possible outcomes to me, listening to my concerns, and was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process. He was available whenever I needed him, and answered any questions I had. The best part? He got my case dismissed! I cannot recommend him enough.”

Julia M. – “I was terrified when I was arrested, but I called Byron and his office and I have never made a better decision.  He always returned my phone calls and patiently explained the process going forward.  He was able to get a much better result than I thought was possible because of all his hard work.  He was worth every penny.  Thank you Byron!”

Cynthia C. – “My husband contacted Bryon Roope when he received a traffic ticket.  Byron was very helpful, and attentive to my husband’s case, and was there every step of the way, up to his appearance in court.  It can be daunting talking to an attorney, but Byron was very helpful, knowledgeable about the law and court procedure, and took the time to listen to my husband’s concerns and answer questions.  His pricing was fair, and well worth it, as with his help my husband avoided a heavy fine and points against his driving record.  We really felt that we had someone who cared on “our side”!”

Michael D. – “I was arrested for a DUI and without a license I would have lost my job and not been able to drive my kids to school.  After receiving letters in the mail from attorneys after my arrest and doing my research, I knew Byron Roope was the right attorney to go with.  He was patient and explained the entire process which I had never gone through before.  You could tell he wasn’t a ‘salesman’ and was able to back up what he was saying because of his experience.  I have never had to deal with an attorney before and was apprehensive at first but Byron didn’t only care about my court case but the effect on my life it would have had.  He treated me like a real person rather than a criminal or just another client.  I will definitely be recommending him to anyone who needs an attorney!”

Diane H. – “I received my second DUI in Sacramento and hired a firm I thought would be able to handle my case because of their “experience” and “specializing” in this area of law. Instead my case was assigned to a brand new attorney at the firm who had no experience and missed court hearings and phone appointments. I tried to set up an appointment in the office and after several unreturned calls and only letting me talk to the attorney by phone, I decided it was time to look for a different attorney. I thought it may have been a mistake to even hire an attorney and should have handled this myself.
THEN, I was personally referred to Byron Roope and I couldn’t have made a better decision. He made our appointments convenient for my schedule or even by phone if I couldn’t make it into the office. He updated me on the status of my case even when things were only pending. He handled my case like I was his top priority and the best part of all he was able to personally appear at all of my hearings so I wouldn’t have to miss work. He was worth every penny I paid to him and more. I will be referring many people to Byron Roope!”

Brian G. – “Very glad when our son’s case was taken over by Byron!! The case was NOT going anywhere, and we were never kept up to date by the previous attorney. Constantly had to call to get any info!!

Byron, from the start, informed of us the status; his strategy; discussed options and his recommendations for what the best goal was to try to achieve for the case outcome. He did what he said he would do, AND called us to inform us of the progress and decisions that needed to be made.

Byron worked for the best overall outcome, AND achieved it!

THANK YOU Byron for your help, advisement and case closure!!!”

Angela – “I got a speeding ticket and I couldn’t afford any more points on my record. I was talking to my husband about it when he suggested hiring an attorney. I was skeptical at first. But after our attorney, Mr. Byron Roope, got the ticket dismissed, I knew that it was worth it. He got it dismissed without any points and we didn’t have to pay for the ticket either. I already referred him to a couple of my friends and to family members and I will refer him to anyone I know with a ticket. He is a professional; I was really happy and still am.”

Debbie – “Thanks for your help in my CDL case. You saved my Job! Great Work!”

Ryan M. – “Byron represented me in a criminal case in Sacramento — Byron was very good about returning my calls and knew the answers to my questions. He worked with my bail bondsman and knew the DDA who had my case 🙂 🙂 (Apparently he used to work for the DA’s Office). I hope I never need him again but if I do I would hire him! He was WELL worth the money!