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Traffic Offenses - Byron Roope - Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

Traffic Offenses & Violations in Sacramento, CA

Accused of a traffic offense?  Call 916-546-8052 for a free consultation today.

Traffic offenses are no laughing matter.  Having a traffic offense on your record can lead to greatly increased insurance rates, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fines.  We understand the need to keep your record clean and fight for your privilege to continue to drive.  A clean record is vitally important for commercial drivers.  Your license is what allows you to work.

Many attorneys will take your traffic case, but no one in the Sacramento has more experience in traffic cases than we do.   Whether the case is driving on a suspended license, exhibition of speed, reckless driving, a red light camera violation, or a speeding violation, our team has experience with over 2500 traffic cases.  Do not let an attorney who claims to know about traffic defense take your case when your record is on the line.

We handle all traffic matters, including:

Exhibition of Speed (Vehicle Code 23109(c))

Speed Contest – “Racing” (Vehicle Code 23109(a))

Reckless Driving (Vehicle Code Sections 23103(a), 23103(b), and 23104)

Exceeding Maximum Speed for Trucks or Tractor Trailer (Vehicle Code 22406(a))

Driving on a Suspended License (Vehicle Code 14601)

Driving without a Valid License (Vehicle Code 12500(a))

Evading a Police Officer (Vehicle Code Sections 28002800.1 Link and 2800.2)

Hit and Run (Vehicle Code 20002(a) and (b))

Speeding in Excess of 55 mph (Vehicle Code 22349(b))

Speeding in Excess of 65 mph (Vehicle Code 22349(a))

Speeding over 100 mph (Vehicle Code 22348(b))

Driving at an Unsafe Speed for Conditions (Vehicle Code 22350)

Improper Lane change (Vehicle Code Sections 21754, 21755 Link, 21756(b))

Stop Sign Violations (22450(a))

Red Light Violations, including Red Light Camera Defense (21453(a) and 21453(c))

Illegal or Misuse of Handicap Placard (Vehicle Code 4461(b))

Log Book Violations (Vehicle Code 34501 and 34501.2)

Failure to Obey Sign (Vehicle Code 21461(a))

If you or your loved one has been cited or arrested for any traffic offense, do not hesitate to contact us at 916-546-8052 immediately to discuss your case.  Protect your rights and get the best possible outcome available.  Our firm handles these cases all over California, including in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado, Sutter, San Joaquin, and Nevada Counties.

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